IT Consulting portfolio

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Project: Concept Bulgaria Ltd.

Concept Bulgaria asked us as part of our project to configure their new server according to their likings.

  • Configuration of the smtp server to accept mails from authenticated users only
  • Server-based spam filtering that delivers all spam into the Junk folder instead of the Inbox
  • Webmail access to the e-mail
  • Configuration of the web server to host multiple sites

Project: Perfect Electra Ltd.

This project is very complex and it required the securing of the company offices' internal networks as well as interconnecting them in order resources to be shared

  • Firewall to safe guard the internal network from the public one
  • VPN access to the internal network via the WAN, the Internet and via the GSM network
  • Access to all internal resources via VPN - video surveillance, shared documents, remote desktop service, etc.
  • Interconnecting a second remote network to the main office network with full transparency for the users