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Web design

A few years back all you needed to make the world aware of your business was to get listed in a phone directory and to have someone pick up the phone and inform your clients in greater detail of your services. Nowadays, however, the Internet has changed drastically the way businesses are advertised. With the ever-expanding availability of Internet a website is no more a fancy whim but rather a necessity.

We have created numerous websites for clients from all over Europe. We pride in the fact that all our websites are W3C standards-complaint and we ensure that they will be properly presented to your visitors. Why should you care about those standards when it all looks good in the browser? It's easy - having a standard-conforming website means that it will be presented properly even after decades but most importantly of all it means that any search engine will be able to crawl it and index its content. The latter signifies just one - you'll be easier to find in search engines and you will not have to spend excessive amounts for SEO.

We concentrate on using modern technology for our projects – XHTML, CSS, JavaScript and Flash for the presentation; PHP, Perl and Ruby on Rails for the dynamic content and MySQL and PostgreSQL for the data storage. Take a look at our portfolio to see some of our projects and what technology they use.