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Software development

The development of the World Wide Web has presented a new niche on the software market – web-based applications. Do you remember the days when the system administrator had to come to your computer and to install all the required software so that you can submit a report? Those days are gone with web-based applications!

The web-based approach allows businesses to develop an application and deploy it to a single server. If new users need to use the software all they need is a computer with a web browser, which is universally available. Furthermore a web-based application can be integrated and seem like a desktop applications for the users. The application can be hosted on the Internet as well as on your internal network.

The benefits of using web-based applications are numerous:

Some of our finished projects are available in our portfolio. If you need further information, do not hesitate to get in touch with us. We will hear your needs and advise you what the best solution for your needs is. Even if we are not the one to deliver it.